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Tuesday Speaking return in 2017 with our latest album Precipitation.
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The new 10 track concept album "Precipitation" is finally finished and available for purchase. It follows hot on the heels of the last album "2016", which was very well received.

The bulk of the songs on Precipitaion were recorded from 1995-2002 at Cathedral studios, Dublin. These have been remastered and restored at Castle studios with new arrangements, the whole set is brought to life with some newly recorded pieces.

"It was a great idea to bring these songs back to life again" says John. "It has the feel of a concept album with rain and sadness being the running theme, i think. Adam plays lead guitar on the opening and closing pieces and that is always a joy for me to work with him".

Precipitation is now available on iTunes, Spotify..etc and on CD.
Check out "Precipitation" unplugged below:
Precipitation Unplugged

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After our debut album received so much support in 2016, we have decided to release another album called Precipitation. Precipitation is available now, click below to purchase!


If you are interested in checking out the lyrics of each song on our album check out the Lyrics page. Each song has been laid out on the page so that you can read the Lyrics as you listen. Click here: Lyrics

Album Review

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